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Free Download Yoast SEO premium: As we all know Yoast SEO is the #1 WordPress SEO plugin. used by millions of users around the globe, Yoast SEO can guarantee you online success just by Its advanced SEO features. Looking at their great popularity they launched a premium version of the Yoast SEO plugin with some advance features, where you are not limited to just ON-page SEO. Yoast SEO premium comes with a lot of features which help you increase your ranking in search engines.

The Free version of the Plugin is limited to a certain extent where you compromise with the advanced features. If you are looking for high-level results and advanced Features where you can link redirections, multiple focus keywords, intelligent interlinking options, and with the Local SEO feature which helps you dominate the local area rankings with proper techniques. There are a lot of alternatives but you know what, Yoast SEO is the best.

When you install the Yoast SEO in your WordPress Dashboard, now you can see a separate box at the bottom of the page from where you can edit the meta information, including permalinks and everything. You can even change the Featured Images for Social media and also select a Different title for social media, dragging more visitors on your website. No Doubt the Yoast SEO Premium WordPress plugin is the best in terms of a lot of features, including its integration with the Search Console, and you need not install a separate plugin for generating Sitemaps which is kinda cool.

free download  yoast seo plugin

Features of Yoast SEO Premium #1 WordPress SEO Plugin

  1. Social Media Preview:  If People share your posts a lot on social media, then this might be helpful for you. as Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin provides a social media preview which, means how your post will look on social media. you can change the featured image, title Description which will definitely help you catch more visitors.
  2. Redirection Manager: This can be a helpful feature this helps in redirecting the Old urls to new ones eliminating 404 not found errors. this means if someone types a URL which is not on your site then they will automatically be redirected to the home page.
  3. Internal Linking Suggestion: This feature is really time-saving Yoast SEO comes with a lot of new features including interlinking Suggestions, which means if I am writing a post and I need to link it to a different page then simply the Yoast SEO shows similar posts which make it easier to link pages internally.
  4. Multiple Focused Keyword: This allows you to add up to 5 focused keywords. this helps in optimizing the post to target more audience and more keywords which can help you rank on more keywords and derive most traffic to your site.
  5. Orphaned Content Filter: The Yoast SEO Premium plugin creates another tab called orphaned content in posts page on your WordPress dashboard. In this tab, all posts which never got any links from other blog posts or pages are listed.
  6. Cornerstone Content Filter:  Yoast SEO Premium lists your highest-ranking posts or pages that should be kept up-to-date in the cornerstone content tab.

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Changelog Yoast SEO Premium v14.6.1 latest :

Free Download YOAST SEO premium V14.6.1
  • Yoast SEO Premium v14.6.1 Reverts the change for social media titles to pick the post/page/term title, as this could lead to low-quality titles for some archives and other page types.
  • Fixed a bug where all method was removed from xmlrpc.php because of incorrect usage of add_action as opposed to add_filter.
  • Added Internal linking suggestions and Insights for Indonesian.
  • Added word form supports now for Portuguese and Indonesian.
  • Shows the Yoast didn’t recognize my keyphrase button when the site language is set to Portuguese or Indonesian.
  • they Improved word form recognition of Russian nouns that have irregular plurals.
  • Improves the editing experience in the Social tab, and gives it a dab of fresh paint.
  • Fixes a bug where the comment count would be output for Articles that did not accept comments.
  • It also Includes every other change done in Yoast SEO v14.6.1 free.

Yoast SEO Premium v14.6.1 – WordPress SEO Plugin Sales Page

IF you wish to Purchase the Yoast SEO Premium v14.6.1 – WordPress SEO Plugin then you can visit the link below and you will be redirected to the official site of the Yoast SEO premium.

Free Download YOAST SEO premium

Free Download YOAST SEO premium V14.6.1 latest wordpress seo Plugin


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How to install YOAST SEO premium wordpress seo Plugin

if you don’t know how to install any wordpress theme or plugin you can follow this steps:

  1. open your WordPress dashboard.
  2. now go to plugins section and then click on add new.
  3. now select the YOAST SEO premium where ever you downloaded.
  4. now activate the plugin.
  5. enjoy lifetime Yoast SEO premium for free.
  6. hurray! you can enjoy this on as many sites as you want.

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Never update the Yoast SEO Premium WordPress plugin from the WordPress dashboard, else you may lead to a broken website. always visit us as soon as the latest version launches they will be available here for download.

Download Yoast SEO premium Extentions free

The package you can download contains all the extensions for Yoast SEO Premium Plugin mentioned below, these are updated and if any update comes please don’t update it from your WordPress Dashboard:

  1. Local SEO v13.4
  2. Video SEO v13.2
  3. News SEO v12.5 0
  4. WooCommerce SEO v13.3

you can free Download Yoast SEO premium Extentions here:-

Free Download YOAST SEO premium V14.6.3 latest


Yoast SEO Premium Tutorial 2020 – How to Setup Yoast SEO Premium WordPress Plugin

If You want to know how this works and how to use the yoast seo premium plugin, then you must watch the video below :-

If you have any issues in Free Download Yoast SEO Premium Plugin then you can write to us in the comments and we will definitely try to solve this issue. You can also visit the Contact us page for more info. All the plugins and themes you find on free WP themes Online are 100% virus and malware-free. the files are Untouched and easy to Download. You can download the Yoast SEO Premium Plugin free [GPL] version.

Some Frequently Asked Questions :-

Is investing in Yoast SEO premium worth it ?

yes, if you need advanced features like the multiple focus keywords, redirection, and interlinking or maybe local seo then, yoast seo premium can be a very good option for you .

what is the difference between yoast SEO free and premium?

The main difference between the Yoast SEO free and premium is mainly in the features, where there are limited features in Yoast SEO free, now the premium is extended with a lot of features. which can be helpful in advanced level blogging and SEO.

Does yoast SEO support AMP ?

Yes, the Yoast SEO free and premium both the versions come with a support of amp but you need to use a plugin called Yoast SEO glue for AMP. Which makes Yoast SEO fully compatible with AMP.

How to configure Yoast SEO premium ?

you can watch the video above to check the complete tutorial on yoast SEO plugin.

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